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Winter Solstice
Photo by Coco Blignaut
Feature, Storyland

Winter Solstice 

This Druid witch likes to sit under the oaks and listen. The things that have been told to her this  year have been astounding. She has been tapping into the wood wide web, and has found that nothing is indeed what it seems. Trees are not as motionless as we perceive them to be. Did you know that their branches sag by at least six inches at night? Like they are resting. They also raise their branches just before daylight. Perhaps to catch the early morning dew?  Therefore, it appears that trees sleep and dream! I know, because I walked to my favorite tree one night, expecting to have our usual conversation, and as I stepped into her space, I realized that she was sleeping! Telepathically, I could sense her deep breathing and dream state; a sort of semi-consciousness, not unlike us humans when we sleep. I was in awe and tip-toed back home to go and research this on the world wide web; because a smart witch is also a scientist, a biologist and a researcher. She never just believes what she is told. She always digs for the truth. 

Here are some truths I have been digging up under the trees of Topanga regarding this most  unusual year and its viral visitor. 

This is a crowning year—Corona. It is a reset button year. We have to stay in our rooms to remove ourselves from the human drama, recalibrate our polluted souls, and be born afresh and tender, like a lamb, innocent and not knowing. We have to wear our masks to become still, and  quiet the restless aimless chatter of superficial conversations. We have to wash our hands to purify ourselves, cleanse ourselves of the crippling guilt we have, knowing we are destroying our world. We have to social distance, to remove our six-foot-in-diameter aura from the auras of  others. We are upgrading, and we are being asked to go it alone, like when we are born, and  when we die.  

2020 is an apocalyptic year. The antichrist came, tested our resolve, and is now leaving. We have a fresh new start ahead of us. We are firmly stepping into a higher vibrational earth, infused by a heaven that is waiting for those who have upgraded sufficiently. Upgrading involves following the rules of the Grandmaster Teacher, Corona. They are simple rules of respect, patience and kindness. 

As this witch looks up at the stars from under her oak tree, she understands the grand machination of it all. How astrology has predicted this year to the finest details, and how it is all  playing out perfectly. Some of these alignments have been terrifying, yet we have moved  through them. The most exciting and positive alignment is coming: on December 21— the Winter Solstice—Jupiter (Lord of expansion, abundance, good fortune and luck) creates a  magnificent conjunction with Saturn (Karmic Teacher, Lord of Structure). The Great Synchronicity is this—they conjunct at exactly 0 degrees in Aquarius. Boom! The Age of Aquarius is here. We are, indeed, entering the portal of our New Earth, as dictated by the  heavens. We have made it. Everything is going to be ok. Actually, more than ok. Sublime. Magnificent.

Then, so it is. Light your candles of prayer, put up your tinsel and holly. Be sure to place the milk  and cookies by the Tree. The first Winter Solstice of a brand-new Earth is visiting you in all its  life-giving Aquarian glory.  

Ask your Tree, She knows.

Coco Blignaut is a practicing Druid witch, and leader of the Beloved Witch circles in Topanga, now globally online. Learn more about her on Facebook and Instagram @BelovedWitch

The author recommends these resources on how trees sleep and communicate: first-time/ 

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