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Spinosauruses and First Loves
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Spinosauruses and First Loves 

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about this week so I asked my 7 year old twin nephews and they immediately told me I should write about the Spinosaurus. Of course, I was then thoroughly schooled by two 7 year olds about these ancient dinosaurs that lived about 95 million years ago. In case you don’t know either, the Spinosaurus is actually one of the largest dinosaurs—even slightly larger than the T-Rex. (They existed at different times.) The Spinosauruses averaged about 50 feet in length and about 8 tons in weight. They lived both on land and in the water, and their most notable characteristics are the giant spine-like “sails” that are about 5 feet in height on their backs as well as their crocodile-like jaws. 

And even more important than the Spinosaurus is the fact that one of the boys announced that he’s in love. He’s in love with Laksheeta, an Indian girl with long dark hair. In his words, “She’s the smartest girl in my class and she’s the prettiest girl in the world to me.” Last night, his mom told him that she was coming over for a playdate today. He literally jumped around in total joy and excitement and proceeded to tell all of us about how he loves her and that he’s going to clean his room and show her all his toys. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so pure and sweet. She’ll be here in less than an hour and we’re all counting down the minutes until Laksheeta arrives. 

Now that we’re up to speed on all this very important info, let’s bring it back to you and this very moment. Besides the sheer adorableness of these actions, why am I sharing them with you? They are important. Seriously. They really are important. They are important because they are reminders of the two most fundamental experiences of being alive on this planet: 1. Everything changes. 2. Love is one of the most elevating frequencies we can experience. 

Massive, impressive creatures once roamed land that is now home to bustling cities with ever-advancing technology. Gosh, we’ve even already made significant headway into exploring beyond this planet. Had we been alive to witness these colossal giants moving about the Earth millions of years ago, it would have been hard to imagine them ever becoming extinct. It really is a wonder how even the most extraordinary things exist and then don’t. “The only constant is change” is certainly a statement to remember. The present moment truly is all we have. We must cherish these moments as they will change, they will evolve. You will never, ever have this exact moment ever again. 

Love. Let’s talk about love. It was soooo sweet listening to my nephew talk about his first love. It reminded me of how quickly we can be overcome with joy and happiness as we feel loving feeling towards another human, or pet, or just sitting in the experience of self-love. Love is a frequency that emanates throughout space and time. We often associate it with another person, but it doesn’t really have anything to do with the person. Of course, they can be the catalyst for those emotions and chemicals to move through the body, but in reality, we are tapping into Source energy; we are tapping into an ever-present frequency of love that is always present. 

The third lesson I’d like to add here is that there is something to learn from each moment, each situation, each person. I’m learning a lot from these little dudes, and soaking in every instant because 1. I know they’ll grow and change, yet 2. Love will always be a frequency we can all tune in to. 

May you have the most blessed holiday season.

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